The 2023 Pearl Conference was successfully held in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province.

From May 20 to 22, the "Treasure·forever" themed 2023 Pearl Conference was successfully held in Zhuji, Zhejiang, drawing the world's attention once again to the hometown of Xi Shi – Zhuji.
The conference lasted for three days and featured events such as the 2023 Pearl Development Forum & "Treasure" Jewelry Design Competition Launching Ceremony, the 2023 Shanghai International Jewelry & Jewelry Exhibition (Zhuji Station), the "Love誓约西施故里·爱在浣纱江畔" 520 Marriage Registration Group Certificate Presentation Ceremony, the Xi Shi·Pearl Carnival, the "100 Events, 10,000 Enterprises" E-commerce Market Outreach Campaign · 2023 Shaoxing Cross-border E-commerce Service Season and Shaoxing Cross-border E-commerce Development Summit for Special Industries, as well as a series of activities. These events fully demonstrated the vitality and quality of Zhuji's pearl industry's high-quality development, promoting resource sharing between Zhuji and the global jewelry industry, smoothizing its industrial chain, and enhancing trade and commerce. They also contributed to building a global value chain with shared interests, cultivating a global market that benefits all parties, and accumulating strong potential energy.

In recent years, with the high concern and strong support from the Party committees and governments at both levels in Zhuji's Shanxia Lake Township, Zhuji's dominant position in the global freshwater pearl industry has been continuously consolidated and enhanced. The cooperation between China Pearl Association, Gemological Institute of Jewelry & gems (hereinafter referred to as "GIJG") and Zhuji Municipal Government and Shanxia Lake Town Government has also deepened and become closer. Currently, Zhejiang Province is building a demonstration zone for high-quality development and common prosperity. As a beautiful and prosperous industry, the pearl industry highly integrates material civilization and spiritual civilization, combines scientific and technological innovation and cultural creativity, which is very compatible with the overall idea of building a demonstration zone for common prosperity, and has broad future prospects.

China Pearl Association and GIJG will continue to support the development of Zhuji's pearl industry and share the same fate with the pearl industry; based on the concept and goal of making the pearl industry better, stronger, and larger, they will work closely with Zhuji Municipal Government and the broader pearl industry to focus on new growth and continuously drive new tracks.

In his speech at the forum, Shen Zhijiang said that after 54 years of development, Zhuji pearls have risen from a "village lake" to the world stage. Up to now, the regional brand value of "Shanxia Lake Pearls" has reached 56 billion yuan; during January to April this year, the total online and offline sales of pearls in Zhuji reached 25 billion yuan, exceeding last year's total by 60%. The Pearl Conference has successfully held three sessions so far, witnessing Zhuji's steady steps in exploring innovative solutions and pursuing excellence in the pearl industry, and gathering powerful forces for capturing opportunities and achieving mutual benefits in the world pearl market.

Zhuji will also take this forum as an opportunity to continuously deepen reforms in its pearl industry model, innovate business formats, update structures, and refresh channels, accelerating the construction of a high-competitiveness, high-value-added, and high-market-share billion-dollar beautiful industry.

In his speech at the forum, Gaetano Cavalieri said that despite the severe impact of the global economy over the past three years, the high-end jewelry market still performed well. This seems to be a result contrary to intuition, but analysts believe there are two very reasonable reasons: firstly, due to unexpected factors affecting the global economy, people seek ways to express their gratitude and love to those they rely on, and jewelry is a good choice; secondly, compared with experience-based luxury goods such as tourism, restaurants, and live entertainment in such an environment, consumption of jewelry shows obvious advantages. He also pointed out that we need to recognize changes in consumer demand, including their demand for products with social responsibility. When we choose to cultivate pearls in a responsible manner and ensure that physical environments for oyster growth are sufficiently pure, the quality of final products can be greatly improved. This will be a win-win situation.

In his sharing at the forum, Wen Huiren, a respected pearl veteran at 90 years old, said that unlike other fashion industries, because pearl cultivation usually takes several years and is easily affected by factors such as climate change and environmental pollution, the pearl industry is cyclical and fragile. He also pointed out that thanks to the process of globalization and rapid recovery of the market.

To strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese jewelry industry and the global jewelry industry, to further expand cooperation areas and deepen cooperation content, during the forum, the World Jewelry Federation, China Gem Association, and National Jewelry Inspection Bureau of China jointly signed a tripartite strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding.

In the critical period of transformation and development of China's pearl industry, golden period, and historical opportunity period, in order to effectively promote supply-side reform of international and domestic pearl industries, support high-tech innovation and high-level opening of international and domestic pearl industries, under the guidance of China Brand Building Promotion Association, China Gem Association united with the World Jewelry Federation, National Jewelry Inspection Group of China, Robert Win Group of Tahiti, Pearl Department of Myanmar Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry, Shanxia Lake Town People's Government, Hong Kong Pearl Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong Black Pearl Association of Tahiti, Fukui Nuclear Energy Research Institute, Hong Kong Pearl Cultivation Association, Shenzhen Pearl Industry Association, Annawar Pearl Company in Myanmar, Zhejiang Pearl Industry Association, Beihai Pearl Chamber of Commerce, and other relevant international and domestic units launched the research and development of international group standards for brand evaluation in the pearl industry.

Next, China Gem Association will invite more countries and regions to participate in this work. By formulating and implementing internationally advanced group standards, we will promote the formation of a "scientific, fair, open, and recognized" brand evaluation mechanism, lead the improvement of the overall level of international and domestic industries, and continuously inject new momentum into the high-quality development of world pearl brands.

A person's life is gradually fulfilled in love and being loved because of being loved. Only by being surrounded by love can one know what happiness is. Because of happiness, it is worth cherishing. With infinite creative designs, pearls can become a symbol of love and a token of cherishing one's life. Bi Lijun, Wang Kongyu, Chen Wenjin, Yu Lingjun, Wang Fang, Li Wenjun, Chen Xiaying, and others jointly launched the "2024 'Cherish' Jewelry Design Competition."