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King Pearl, a specialty product of Zhejiang Province in China, is one of the famous freshwater pearls in the world. It boasts unique appearance and excellent quality, enjoying high reputation both domestically and abroad.

The history of King Pearl can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. At that time, fishermen in Zhuji area began to cultivate pearls using shells. With the development and improvement of this cultivation technology over time, it eventually formed the modern King Pearl farming industry.

The characteristics of King Pearl are its bright luster, smooth surface, regular shape, and uniform size. Its colors include white, pink, and gold, with white being the most common. The diameter of King Pearl ranges from 3mm to 10mm, with the largest reaching up to 25mm.

The quality of King Pearl depends on multiple factors, including water quality, feed, and environment. The water in King area is clear and rich in minerals and trace elements, which is very suitable for pearl growth. In addition, local fishermen also use traditional cultivation methods such as regularly cleaning shells, controlling water temperature and light intensity, etc. to ensure the quality and quantity of pearls.